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Deploy your website updates within minutes

Don’t have a DevOps engineer to deploy your website updates? No worries, with EDO4 you don’t need one anymore. It only takes a few minutes. The whole process is automated allowing you to save time, money and avoid human mistakes.

EDO4 is a development environment
created by web application
developers for web application developers.

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EDO4 Plans & Features
Free trial2 weeks Premium5$ / month
Custom MVC PHP framework
Laravel framework
Zend framework (Laminas)
Environment up time 30 min Unlimited
Notifications system
Deployment on prem server
Developing server
Staging server
Slack notifications
CI\CD auto deployment
Account active duration 2 weeks Unlimited
MySQL (5.6, 5.7, 8.0)
Gogs (Git) Repository
Default Web Page\Project
Urers management
Teams management
Projects management
SSL\Certificate installation
Custom Domains
Build logs
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Why EDO4?

  • Save money on DevOps Engineering or outsourcing

  • Avoid mistakes and data lost during with automated service

  • Save time replacing manual work with our autimated service

  • Free trial, no strings attacheed, no CC reequired

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Who’s EDO4 for?

  • Freelance

  • Web-development

  • Web-applications developers
    and supporters

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EDO4 is developed by a group of enthusiastic web-developers from DevCube Software Development company. It’s created to solve and automate developers’ day-to-day tasks.
We want to make out tool useful, we want it to serve you well and ease your everyday life as much as possible. And we need your help in order to do that.
Feel free to contact us if you have any comments, questions or ideas, we’ll be happy to discuss them.